India’s International flights may fly to these destinations when operations resume, India


India's International flights may fly to these destinations when operations resume

The world is gradually opening up after being in lockdown for months due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As India is now planning to resume international flights, the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation has hinted that the first flights may land in the US, UK and Europe.

Indian aviation ministry has said, “As we contemplate further opening up in response to demands, we are looking at the prospect of establishing individual bilateral bubbles, India-US, India-France, India-Germany, India-UK. These are all destinations where demand for travel has not diminished. Final decisions pursuant to negotiations are expected to be taken soon.”

Though there is no date yet or any schedule for international flights, we know where the first set of flights from India may be headed. The news came soon after the US Department of Transportation announced that it will not allow Air India’s chartered flights to operate between India and the United States starting July 22 without its prior approval.

America took the decision after the Indian government barred American carriers to operate between the two countries.

On Monday, the US Department of Transport (DOT) said that Air India “will be required, effective 30 days after the service date of this Order, to obtain prior approval from the Department…before operating any Third- and/or Fourth-Freedom charter flights to or from the United States”.

All the international flights were suspended in the country in March 25 because of the pandemic. Then, Air India began operating chartered flights for international destinations under the
Vande Bharat Mission from May 6 to help stranded people reach their home.

The ministry, in its statement, further said, “We have received requests from authorities in several countries including the US, France, Germany, among others requesting that their air carriers be allowed to participate in the transportation of passengers along the line being conducted by Air India under the Vande Bharat Mission. These requests are being examined.”

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