Booking your personal time slot for security checks at the airport could be a safe choice


Booking your personal time slot for security checks at the airport could be a safe choice

The Manchester Airport is now starting something new that could resonate with airports around the world. The airport is starting a new system of pre-booked security time slots. This is being done in order to help airport staff manage passenger volumes, while also getting rid of queues during such a time of COVID-19 pandemic.

As social distancing becomes the norm all over the world, airports are looking for ways to make flying a safer experience. A lot of airports are currently doing contactless check-ins, while others have strict rules in place for each step. The pre-booked airport security is a first by the airport in Manchester, and is looking to allow customers to book time slots of 15-minutes. This can be done online. The slots are free of charge, and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The rule also says that those who arrive outside their slots, will be directed to queues, which might take a long time. As now, social distancing rules apply to all queues.

Booking your personal time slot for security checks at the airport could be a safe choice

The pre-booked security slots could make life easier for everyone, and also help passengers feel safer. After all, in such times, feeling safe and secure is of utmost importance. Passengers who are not feeling safe, will probably opt out of air travel for a long time. Furthermore, the dedicated time slots will give you a chance to go through the entire process faster, and in a more efficient way.

The Manchester Airport wants its passengers to book these slots two hours before the departure time as the longer you wait to book, the shorter are your chances of getting a time slot. A successful trial of this all new system could kick off a world-wide interest in this procedure. And why not? It is easy, and gives everyone less trouble.

While airlines have once more taken over the sky, the process of flying in a pandemic is still in an infant stage, and requires a lot more research for a safe experience. Both air carriers and airports are working on innovative methods, and it is in the best interest for airports to adapt each other’s techniques. The pre-booked security system sounds like a great idea, but only if it can avoid confusion and chaos.

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