EU to reopen borders soon, but may bar entry of US visitors


EU to reopen borders soon, but may bar entry of US visitors

European Union (EU) countries are easing travel restrictions gradually and are opening up borders for business to resume. However, in the due process of reviving their economies, they are contemplating to bar the entry of Americans as the United States has been struggling to manage the spread of COVID-19.

Currently, the United States is witnessing a surge in Coronavirus cases, and already tops the list with the highest number of Coronavirus cases. As of now, it would be in the same category as Brazil and Russia. Till now, the White House has not issued any comment regarding this.

Referring to this development, an EU diplomat stated that the bloc’s executive commission had put forward three criteria for allowing entry of passengers from third-world countries. However, the EU member countries are yet to determine what relevant measurements would be taken, and what the thresholds need to be. Another diplomat informed that there is just a list of criteria as of now, and no list of countries.

EU to reopen borders soon, but may bar entry of US visitors

Currently, European countries are considering two potential lists of acceptable visitors, depending on how countries are handling the Coronavirus outbreak. These lists include China, along with developing nations, such as Cuba, Uganda, and Vietnam. The lists also do not include the United States, which is considered to be too risky because of the spread of the virus.

Further, travellers from the United States and the rest of the world already had been excluded

from visiting the EU, albeit few exceptions, which are mostly for essential travel and repatriations, since mid-March. Reportedly, a final decision regarding reopening of the borders is expected to come in early by next week, i.e., before the bloc reopens on July 1.

Earlier, the European Commission recommended that as the bloc reopens its borders from July 1 to non-EU travellers, it will consider three criteria to decide from which countries visitors will be

allowed and they are―countries should implement containment measures during travel, they have COVID-19 under at least as much control as the EU average, and the said countries are willing to let in EU visitors.

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