Iceland battles isolation with tree hugging


Iceland battles isolation with tree hugging

With social distancing is the new norm of our time and age, some people could be feeling a little low. After all, minimum human contact is not everyone’s cup of tea. Feelings of loneliness can crop up from time to time, and can bend our minds. Iceland has a unique way of dealing with this problem now, as its forestry service is now asking citizens to hug trees for five minutes.

Iceland forestry service officials have been advising people to spend at least five minutes in a day, hugging a tree. The forest department feels that the act of hugging a tree is an extremely relaxing experience, and it can help you to get ready for a new day.

Iceland battles isolation with tree hugging

The forest department has even uploaded photos on its website that shows people hugging trees. This is to encourage others to follow suit. In fact, paths have been cut through the snow in East Iceland, so that people can have a better access to the trees. These paths are also wide so as to help hikers maintain distance.

Certain studies have shown that tree hugging can be helpful. For example, the University of Wollongong did a study that showed that a higher tree canopy can help lower the risk of psychological distress. It can further improve overall health too. The Japanese too have a related practice called Forest Bathing that is basically an immersive experience. You ought to immerse yourself in nature, and you will find that it can battle stress.

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