Austria now has a social distancing park


Austria now has a social distancing park

A social distancing park has been designed in Austria in response to our changing times. The park is called Parc de la Distance, and is a maze-like beauty that actually seems like a bit of a puzzle from pictures. But the fact is that the Austrian social distance park has been perfectly designed for social distancing, and keeps people at a safe distance from each other.

The park that looks like a fingerprint, is an amazing new setup that helps people keep social distancing, while enjoying the outdoors. After all, staying under lockdown for so long can have an adverse effect on people. But with a park such as this, it is a chance for people to get some fresh air, and even exercise if they need to.

Austria now has a social distancing park

The park has been designed by Studio Precht, an Austrian design house. They have created this beautiful park on a vacant plot in Vienna, and is now the only park in Vienna that can be visited because all other parks are temporarily closed.

Each lane has a gateway for entrance, and exit, and you can determine here whether the park is free for a stroll. The lanes are distanced at 240 cm from each other, while having a width of 90 cm hedge that creates the division. The path is granite gravel, and just the sound of footsteps on the next lane can keep you company, and let you know that there is someone on the other side. Each individual journey is 600 m long.

The park has been designed in such a fashion that ensures that you do not feel too isolated, while keeping distance from each other.

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