Chennai auto rickshaw driver spreads important message by transforming his auto coronavirus look alike


Chennai auto rickshaw driver transforms auto into coronavirus look alike

In an attempt to raise awareness regarding the spread of Coronavirus and the need for social-distancing, we have seen many innovative works. Now, an auto rickshaw driver in Chennai has decided to take it up a notch by modifying his auto as a virus. The pictures that have been doing the rounds of the internet are as bizarre as they are educating.

In the recent past, we had seen a policeman wearing a Coronavirus helmet in order to raise awareness on the streets. Now, the auto with a similar theme is taking the internet by storm. The auto rickshaw driver was found roaming the streets of Chennai amidst lockdown with his Coronavirus themed auto. The large red spokes jutting out of the auto’s body is horrifying for sure, but so is the virus that you can catch very easily.

Chennai auto rickshaw driver transforms auto into coronavirus look alike

The Coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world has rendered us helpless. While governments are continuously asking citizens to remain at home, there are people who avoid the suggestions and go out. This has caused a spike in Coronavirus cases in India, and in other countries as well. However, as of today, the death rate in India has dramatically fallen. On April 25, India will complete one month of lockdown.

While it is true that the country is slowly recovering, and currently doing well, it is also true that we need people such as the auto rickshaw driver to spread the message regarding the virus. Let us hope that the near future is better for all of us, and people such as him can finally go back to earning their living.

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