A virtual tour of Chernobyl with special focus on dogs


A virtual tour of Chernobyl with special focus on dogs

Amidst this global pandemic, travellers are now turning to virtual tours, and there are some amazing ones available on the internet for us. Now, you can tour the ghost town of Chernobyl disaster; Pripyat in a virtual tour to give you a sense of this eerie place. The new tour takes you right into the heart of the tragedy, and shows you the remains of what is one of the worst tragedies of our world. The nuclear disaster happened 34 years ago, in 1986.

The tour is being called the Dogs of Chernobyl tour, and will also give you a look into the lives of the 600 dogs who now live here. These dogs are believed to be the descendants of the pets who were left behind during the tragedy. But whether you are an animal lover or not, this tour will also give you an idea what it is like here in this place 34 years after the tragedy.

A virtual tour of Chernobyl with special focus on dogs

The tour is being offered by the Clean Future Fund, and Airbnb Experiences. CFF has been working in the area for a long time, and they have successfully managed to vaccinate over 1500 dogs since 2016. They have even managed to give homes to about 40 puppies across the US, and Canada.

The town of Pripyat today is a place where guided tours are held, after all the tragedy has created such a massive curiosity for generations. Now, with the COVID-19 lockdown across various cities around the world, people are unable to travel. Hence, this tour will not only give you a chance to travel into the heart of this town that has now taken rebirth, but also learn about the dogs who have been living here.

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