A violinist in New Orleans is bringing music to neighbourhoods amidst lockdown


A violinist in New Orleans is bringing music to neighbourhoods amidst lockdown

Sitting at home in self-isolation has been quite tough for some, for various reasons. As America battles one of the worst cases of Coronavirus outbreak, the city of New Orleans has a street violinist entertaining people amidst lockdown. Taking to the road, the musical act is helping to keep residents entertained.

Anna Roznowska, the violinist is not alone, as she has paired up with a pedicab operator Sarah Grant, and they are calling their unique venture, Mobile Music Box.

At the start of the lockdown, the violinist and the pedicab driver realised that their livelihood was at stake; they soon decided to hit the road. So now, Grant peddles the pedicab to carry Roznowska around New Orleans neighbourhoods, as she performs soul-stirring numbers.

New Orleans is known for its musical talents, a city where street musicians such as Anna Roznowska keep people entertained with their melodies. With the lockdown, the streets have gone silent, but thanks to her and Sarah Grant, there is a sense of hope. As it is, the city has cancelled all its festivals, and concerts for the upcoming weeks.

Roznowska plays her music with a playback loop, and vocals to keep the streets alive. Residents are now enjoying live music from their homes, and it keeps the spirit alive.

The duo changes their music route everyday, and also accept tips. This turned out to be a novel way to sustain their livelihood as well.

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