Bondi Beach in Australia all set to reopen as Coronavirus cases see a dip, Australia


Bondi Beach in Australia all set to reopen as Coronavirus cases see a dip

The famous Bondi Beach in Australia, which is considered a paradise for swimmers and surfers, is all set to reopen next week (almost after six weeks) as the virus cases in the country have slowed down. The beach was shut down when Australia experienced a sudden spike in Coronavirus cases. However, the officials have made it very clear that sunbathers, joggers and family gatherings, and picnics won’t be allowed on the beach in order to maintain social distancing.

Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos, in an official statement said that locals can return to the ocean from April 28 through two access points (only). She said, “What these corridors will do is provide a safe access into the water for swim-and-go and surf-and-go only. So that is for exercise in the water”.

She further explained the meaning of “the sand is closed” saying that it means no jogging, no running, no walking, no gathering, no bringing your kids down to play in the sand and have a paddle in the water.”

In Australia, all the beaches were closed for public in late March after a number of pictures started doing rounds on the internet showing youngsters enjoying on beaches without maintaining any social distance. After that, a ban on large outdoor gatherings was imposed in the country.

The whole Bondi region was also identified as a Coronavirus “hotspot” after around 180 people (backpackers and residents) were tested positive for the virus. The incident prompted health authorities to come up with a pop-up testing clinic and they requested non-residents not to visit Bondi.

The mayor said that the authorities want to make sure that people operate within the social distancing and public health order rules. She also said that if people still do not respect the decision and “if the numbers are too great, regrettably we will have to close those.”

After the cases of virus decreased, some of the prominent beaches in Sydney, including Coogee and Maroubra, were also opened again for the public from Monday. However, there were loudspeaker announcements, warning all swimmers and surfers to maintain social distancing.

Till now, Australia has recorded 6675 cases of Coronavirus, with 78 people losing their lives to the virus.

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