A Japanese restaurant is offering lifetime supply of ramen noodles at $935


A Japanese restaurant is offering lifetime supply of ramen noodles at $935

A ramen shop in Japan of the Musashiya ramen shop chain has put up a lucrative offer for all noodle lovers out there.

The ramen shop, located in Chiba Prefecture in Japan, is offering a lifetime provision of noodles for a fee of 100000 Japanese Yen ($935 USD). Once the one-time amount is covered, you can eat for free as much as you want.

A Japanese restaurant is offering lifetime supply of ramen noodles at $935

However, the catch here is that the offer is applicable only for students. For school and college-goers, who do not have the time to cook their meals due to their busy schedule, can pay almost $1000 USD or 1 lakh Japanese Yen to enjoy the luxury of free supply of ramen noodles for the rest of their life.

But if they’re able to get over that hurdle of the initial expense, the value of the promotion practically pays for itself. According to Sora News 24, a bowl of Musashiya’s standard ramen costs 600 Yen (just under $6 USD). Going on that math, the diner-in-question will break even after 167 bowls. So, if you have one bowl per day, for about six months every day, you’re essentially free and clear.

Reportedly, a bowl of Musashiya’s regular ramen is priced at 600 Yen (or less than $6). So if they consume the ramen noodles twice a week only, it would take 20 months to reap in the ultimate benefit of the deal being offered. Also, it would be better than consuming instant noodles from the packets.

News has it that the restaurant puts a heavy price tag on the offer, considering the fact that it would be the same amount as the standard stimulus fund that the Japanese government is offering to citizens in response to the current pandemic. So, for those who do not have to spend their money on bills etc. can consider this offer.

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