Wuhan ends lockdown, moves towards normalcy


Noodle stalls are back in its streets as Wuhan inches towards normalcy

While China’s Wuhan came under the spotlight as the place of origin of the Coronavirus, the pandemic which has swept the world off its feet, there is more to it, the hot dry noodles. The first case of Coronavirus was reported from Wuhan, as the virus spread at an alarming rate to the entire world. Wuhan lost a number of lives in the battle against the virus, and went under acute lockdown to curtail its spread.

The lockdown in Wuhan was lifted on April 8 after more than 70 days, as no new cases emerged and all the existing patients recovered as well. As the citizens of Wuhan stepped out for the first time in more than two months, people across the world looked on. What also made a comeback in the streets of Wuhan was its famous street food, hot dry noodles. Stalls selling Wuhan’s favourite breakfast popped up in the streets, also as a mark of its walk towards normalcy.

Noodle stalls are back in its streets as Wuhan inches towards normalcy

Wuhan is also known as the Breakfast Capital of China, with the hot dry noodles as an undisputed favourite of its people. More than an elaborate meal that is relished in leisure, this dish is usually taken on the go, as the denizens of Wuhan start and go around their morning drill. Any given morning, you can spot a considerable number of people, digging in these noodles from a paper cup as they sit reading newspapers or wait for their commute at a bus stop.

Noodle stalls are back in its streets as Wuhan inches towards normalcy

With everyone in the confines of their homes during the lockdown, the comeback of noodle stalls has come as a sight that signals normalcy. Such is the love of this dish here, in Wuhan, that a number of food businesses carried on doling out noodles to support the medical staff that was engaged in fighting the pandemic. Some even started delivering the dish, albeit from a safe distance, to people who had to stay cooped in their houses.

Now, with the dish making its regular comeback in Wuhan, the locals are rejoicing over nothing elaborate but the little morning joy that they have been accustomed to.

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