Future of air travel: Hong Kong airport tests full-body disinfectant booth, Hong Kong


Future of air travel: Hong Kong airport tests full-body disinfectant booth

The Hong Kong International Airport has started human trials of their full-body disinfectant booth to ensure virus-free travel. The full-body disinfectant booth for passengers introduced at the Hong Kong airport gives us a glimpse of how future travel is going to be, where humans and viruses will co-exist. The airport has also put cleaning robots and antimicrobial coatings on surfaces to ensure the safety of travellers.

One of the busiest airports in Asia, the Hong Kong International Airport claims that it is the world’s first to start trials of disinfectant booths that cleanses passengers of viruses and bacterias from head to toe.

How does it work?

After travellers have their temperatures checked, they step into a small booth where they are disinfected and sanitised for about 40 seconds. On the inside, the booth is coated with anti-microbial solutions that can kill viruses and bacteria on human bodies and clothing without touching. The booth uses photocatalyst technologies and nano needles to disinfect passengers from head to toe.

After that, the travellers are sprayed with sanitizer inside the booth for quick disinfection. This disinfectant booth is kept under negative pressure, like hospital isolation wards, to stop cross-contamination.

The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) is also planning to start an invisible antimicrobial coating on high-touch surfaces, which includes check-in counters, kiosks, seats, toilets, luggage trolleys along with elevator buttons. For public toilets and other busy places, the airport has deployed Intelligent Sterilisation Robots.

According to the airport authority, these robots are equipped with ultraviolet light and air sterilisers and can kill up to 99.99 per cent bacteria in air and on surfaces within 10 minutes.

AA deputy director said, “The safety and wellbeing of airport staff and passengers are always our first priority. Although air traffic has been impacted by the pandemic, the AA spares no effort in ensuring that the airport is a safe environment for all users. We will continue to look into new measures to enhance our cleaning and disinfection work.”

As of now, trials are conducted on airport staff. However, the airport authorities are planning to start doing it for passengers eventually.

The Coronavirus pandemic has put people under lockdown around the world; but, the question is for how long can this go on, considering there’s no vaccine yet? Given the current situation, the transportation sector is coming up with various ideas so that things can come back to normal as soon as possible.

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