What’s it like to book a private room in an American train?


What’s it like to book a private room in an American train?

Trains between Washington DC and Boston now have private rooms that you can book. Amtrak is offering three types of bedrooms, namely, roomette, bedroom, and accessible bedroom. The journey from Washington DC to Boston takes about ten hours, and is an overnight trip. So, the bedrooms are going to make things a lot more comfortable for travellers.

It is true that taking a flight is very convenient, but a train ride is really very romantic, especially when you have a comfortable bedroom to yourself.

The smallest room among the three categories mentioned earlier is the roomette, which is 3 ft and 6 inches wide, and 6 ft and 8 inches long. This category of bedroom starts at $288 for one traveller, and has two seats that convert into sleeping berths. The bedroom on the other hand is double the size of the roomette. You get a sofa, and an armchair for seating, apart from your sleeping berths. You also have a private shower, sink, and a toilet, whereas in a roomette the shower and toilet facilities are to be shared.

What’s it like to book a private room in an American train?

The accessible bedroom does have a private sink, and restroom, but the shower is located elsewhere.

Passengers will also get certain facilities on-board, such as towels, linen, pillows, and bedding. Besides, you are also treated to a complimentary alcoholic beverage on boarding, and the attendants will serve you a continental breakfast before you reach your destination.

In India we have something similar. After all you can always book a 1st class Rajdhani to get a very private experience. Or on the other hand try one of India’s super-luxury trains that are just extraordinary train journey experiences.

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