COVID-19 update: Italy heads towards new lockdown after being hit by the ‘third’ wave; tourism shutdown, Italy


COVID-19 update: Italy heads towards new lockdown after being hit by the ‘third’ wave; tourism shutdown

The Italian government has issued strict restrictive measures to fight infections in a bid to contain the third wave of COVID-19. This one is a more contagious variant, first identified in Britain. With slow vaccine rollout, Italy has reported a 15 per cent hike in COVID-19 cases. According to Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi, it is a worrisome picture.

The PM said, “I am aware that today’s measures will have an impact on children’s education, on the economy but also on the psychological state of us all. But they are necessary to avoid a worsening that will make inevitable even more stringent measures.”

Keeping in view the current situation, most of the schools in northern Italy, Lazio and Marche in central Italy and Campania and Puglia in south Italy have been shuttered. Residents too have been banned from leaving the confinement of their homes except for essential work, or in case of health issues.

Only supermarkets and medical stores have the permission to remain open but restaurants, pubs and bars are closed.

“We believe that only with widespread vaccinations will we be able to avoid measures like these,” Mr. Draghi added.

As of now, less than two million people in Italy are fully vaccinated, reason being late deliveries of the vaccine from the medical industries. There are logistical problems in some regions as well, which are creating these issues. This year, the country has also cancelled the Easter weekend to avoid large family gatherings.

Till date, Italy is one of the hardest-hit countries in the world and the virus has killed around 100000 people there, while 3.2 million were infected.

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