What Are the Biggest Industries in Ontario?


When you are considering moving, it is important to research a few things about your new location. Obviously, you will need to look into housing prices, and you will need to check out area schools if you have children.

But it is also extremely important to know the industries that are biggest in the area you plan to move to. This can be imperative to know before you decide on a new city, so you can research job opportunities and commute times. If you are planning a move to Ontario in the near future, these are the biggest industries in the region:

Service Industries

The biggest industry in Ontario and what accounts for the majority of Ontario’s economy is the services industry. This is an extremely broad category and covers a variety of professional services. While some may think only of retail jobs when they think of the service industry, there are actually many industries represented in the services industry in Ontario.

As mentioned, many professional services are included in this sector of the economy, including financial services, arts, technical services, and scientific services. So if you have an area of expertise covered under any of those umbrellas, you may want to choose Ontario for your move. If you fit in nicely with the large services industry in Ontario and do decide to make the big move, there is a lot of real estate in Toronto up for grabs.


You may actually think of manufacturing in Ontario before you think of the services industry. While the services industry is bigger, Ontario is actually more well known as a manufacturing center, given its location and robust manufacturing industry.

The biggest manufacturing industries represented in Ontario are automotive, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotech, among others. In particular, Ontario is known for its automotive manufacturing industry and the number of vehicles it exports, as well as the number of general manufacturing employees it has. If you are looking for opportunities in manufacturing, consider the Toronto area and Ontario in general.


Ontario is also known for its large amount of high quality farmland, number of farms, and agriculture industry. Ontario is known for such crops as fruits, vegetables, cash crops (soybeans, corn, wheat, etc.), commercial meat (poultry, beef, etc.), and flowers.

If you are looking to move to an area known for high quality farmland, Ontario is the place for you. With its large agricultural industry, Ontario will provide many jobs related to farming. You could work in farm or agricultural-adjacent jobs, or if you want to work the land directly, you would have your fair share of crops to choose from.

WIth such a diverse number of industries making up Ontario’s economy, there seems to be a job for everyone. So if you will be planning an upcoming move to Toronto, or Ontario in general, consider the multitude of opportunities available to you in the services industry, the manufacturing industry, or the agricultural industry.

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