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Cabins at Grand Canyon West

If you’re looking for lodging at Grand Canyon West, you have two choices: The Cabins at Grand Canyon West and RV parking without hookups. That’s it. There are no hotels near Grand Canyon West, so be sure you have reservations at the cabins before staying overnight there. Also, there are no restaurants near Grand Canyon West outside of the park, so be sure to bring dinner with you and breakfast, too (unless you’re taking our advice about having a burger brunch at the Skyview Restaurant).

We also heard that Grand Canyon West was working on revamping their popular Hualapai Ranch experience that has, in the past, worked in Western and Native elements and included dining, so we’ll keep tuned for updates and let you know when they unveil it.

Until then, the Cabins at Grand Canyon West are more than a logistic necessity. They are reasonably priced, cozy, and comfortable. Best of all, they let you see the area in a different light. Hualapai storytellers describe how the canyon walls come alive at sunrise and sunset. Shadows stretch and dance across the limestone stage as the colors flow and transform. The only way to experience this natural performance is with your own eyes, and the only way to do that is to stay in the cabins.

The Sil Daw Ba Nyu Wa (Way of the Warrior) Trail runs from the cabins to the canyon rim. If you’re hiking at dusk, be sure to bring a headlight and watch for snakes. It gets very dark at Grand Canyon West, which also means you’ll be greeted by a blanket of stars twinkling brightly in the clear Grand Canyon air. Even if you don’t ever step foot on the trail, be sure to step outside your cabin during the night to enjoy the celestial show.


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