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Central Park is located in the centre of the Island of Manhattan and is open to the public. One of the must-see sights in New York, Central Park is nearly 3.5km² in size. If you find cheap flights to New York, this is somewhere you have to visit.

The original plan for New York City did not have plans for specific green space, except for cemeteries. Growth of the city forced planning to occur.

Central Park has a number of artificially created lakes and ponds. There are miles of walking and jogging tracks and bridle paths that are still used. For wheeled exercise, there are six miles of special “drives” for any sport activity on wheels. The park boasts two ice skating rinks, the most popular attractions in the winter. One of those rinks becomes a swimming pool in the last two months of summer each year.

There are several outdoor locations for theatre, concerts and music festivals. Many renowned entertainers have performed within the boundaries of Central Park. There are many well-known garden areas, some donated by wealthy patrons.

One of the most loved places in all of Central Park is the Bethesda Terrace. Bethesda is an outdoor pavilion providing elevated views of the 72nd Street Lake. Hidden within the stonework, which are amazing in detail and mostly of flora to blend with the park, is an unusual stone carving. The meaning of the carving, which has a cross-wrapped in five stars, was lost for more than one hundred years. A discovery at the turn of the millennium, at the New York City library revealed the carving was in memorial for the suffering of the United States during the American Civil War. At the time of his assassination, President Lincoln had been preparing an explanation of the design, said to be his idea. That is why we know only he mentioned briefly what the carving stood for but not the meanings of the individual parts of that carving.

Altogether, there are almost forty bridges within the park. There are hundreds of statues and fountains. Some of the most special places and objects, many Manhattan residents do not remember or know about.

There are many things to do in Central Park. There are the famous horse and carriage rides that start and stop near the world-famous Plaza Hotel. There are many free things to do as well. Provided by the Central Park Conservancy free activity kits are available year around, but tailored to the time of year and the weather.

In one location, there are two dozen marbled mosaic tables for playing chess and checkers, the free kits providing boards and pieces for playing. One of the structures in the park that is a favourite of children is Belvedere Castle were free of charge kits for children discovery are available and contain binoculars, birding guide and colouring supplies and paper for free educational play and fun outdoors.

A recreation centre located in the North Meadow Recreation area, has a Field Day kit with a good number of fun games for families to play together within the North Meadow Park area.

There is an area where fathers and sons can go fishing together. The Dana Discovery Centre has catch-and-release equipment for fishing at Harlem Meer. The equipment even includes fishing poles and instructions.

There are free and inexpensive guided and self-guided park tours available. The guided tours are the best and New York City citizen volunteers lead these much-loved tours throughout the park, weather permitting, most days of the year.

American’s love conspiracy theories and Central Park has not been spared inclusion in this phenomenon. Consider the reputed existence of a giant underground city built in the 1880s. Complete balderdash according to city fathers, who refuse to discuss certain iron gated stairways leading underground throughout the park.

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