Video of playful dolphins in Meerut’s Ganga is the cutest thing on Twitter today!


Video of playful dolphins in Meerut’s Ganga is the cutest thing on Twitter today!

Dolphins in the Ganga, Meerut. Picture credit: Akash Deep Badhawan, IFS

The extended lockdown in India is proving to be an extended party for all kinds of animals including aquatic fishes such as the freshwater dolphins that had become almost extinct from rivers. In the absence of humans on land, water and air, animals seem to be having all the fun.

Recently, a pair of dolphins was seen rejoicing in the fresh waters of the Ganga in Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh. A video clip of the dolphin was tweeted by Akash Deep Badhawan, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer. However, the officer did not mention whether or not the dolphins were captured by him recently. He did, however, mention that it was a good fortune to spot the dolphins in Meerut.

Badhawan also shared insights about the nature of the dolphins.

Freshwater dolphins are shy creatures, therefore, they are found only at specific locations. One such destination is Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary which is a part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. It is located near the Indo-Nepal border, in the Terai area of Bahraich. The Gangetic dolphins found in this particular area are rare species. They also had their habitat in Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna rivers that comprise the Sundarban mangrove region, though they became extinct in the past years due to increasing salinity, decrease in freshwater flow and river traffic such as boats.
The number of dolphins in the stretch of Ganga river from Rishikesh to Narora city declined largely due to the pollution. Now that these aquatic creatures are making frequent appearances, it is a sign that the rivers of India are cleaner than before.

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