The world is paying tribute to George Floyd in the form of thought-provoking street arts, World


The world is paying tribute to George Floyd in the form of thought-provoking street arts

I can’t breathe were the last words that George Floyd uttered before dying. The entire world is protesting against the murder of George Floyd, a black man, who was brutally murdered by a white policeman.

The incident

On May 25, 2020, the 46-year-old man was suspected of paying a counterfeit $20 bill in a store in Minneapolis, United States. He was in the store to buy some cigarettes, and the whole world saw what happened next in a video that went viral.

He was dragged out of his car that was parked opposite the store, and handcuffed. Later, while he was made to sit inside the police vehicle,he fell down and complained of being claustrophobic. After they managed to shove him inside, the officers pulled him out once again, only this time an officer rolled him over, face down, and knelt on the back of his neck. While two other officers knelt on his back and leg. The man lay on the street begging for his life, screaming, I can’t breathe, calling out to his dead mother, saying, mama, mama. After nine minutes, when he stopped moving, the policeman continued to apply pressure on his neck, and refused to get up until the medical help came. Floyd was kept in an ambulance and he died soon after.

Soon after the video went viral, it became an anti-racism movement across the globe where people began protesting, and seeking justice for the man. Apart from social media platforms and signing petitions, people are venting out their anger in the form of street art. Here are some brilliant and touching street artworks from all over the world that shows how much a black life matters:

1) The exact spot where police tortured George Floyd in Minneapolis, US

2) Another one from the scene of crime (Cup Foods store in Minneapolis)

3) Anti-racism protest in Bad Oldesloe, Germany

4) The movement has reached Syria

5) Artist Jesus Cruz Artiles (EME Freethinker) painted a mural in Berlin.

6) Italian artist TVBoy paints a mural on the streets of Barcelona in Spain.

7) Demanding for justice in Italy.

8) An artist in Huston, Texas

9) George Floyd mural in Dublin

10) Manchester in the UK too displayed the anger in the form of street art.

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