Lunar Eclipse on July 5: Why is it called Strawberry Moon, timings and more


Lunar Eclipse on July 5: Why is it called Strawberry Moon, timings and more

The world is bracing up for the second lunar eclipse of the year on June 5. The eclipse will occur as the earth will come between the sun and the moon on Friday night which happens to be the full moon day.

There are three types of lunar eclipse – total, partial, and penumbral lunar eclipse. The eclipse which is due to occur on June 5 will be a penumbral lunar eclipse.

Watchout for Strawberry Moon

According to Maine Farmer’s Almanac, June marks the ripening of strawberry crops in the United States (north-eastern), thus, the full moon occurring in this season is called the
Strawberry Moon.

Where all will this lunar eclipse be visible?

The eclipse will be seen from Asia (including India), Australia, Europe, Africa, South America, Pacific, and Antarctica. In India, eclipses are believed to be special celestial events according to the ancient scriptures. Therefore, they are held sacred, and special observances are prescribed. However, no restraints will be required in the event of the lunar eclipse on July 5 late night.

Lunar eclipse timings

The penumbral lunar eclipse will begin from 11:15 PM on June 5. It will end at 2:34 AM on June 6 and even earlier in India. The peak of the eclipse will be seen at 12:54 AM.

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