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There are several places that you must visit when you travel to Mount Bromo, and we offer some Bromo tour package that you can try when you travel to East Java espesially to Bromo. This mount is the best destination to visiti, Because the place presents a beauty that you will not easily forget. During trip to Bromo you will visit some interesting place, are:

Penanjakan Mountain 

This penanjakan is one of the favorite tourist spots of Mount Bromo, from here we can see the beauty of a wide range of mountains wrapped by beautiful clouds, besides that from this Bromo climb we can see the beautiful sunrise with a golden bandage, very suitable for photography.

Departing to climb should be in the morning at around 3:00 in the morning to be able to watch the beautiful sunrise from the climb of Mount Bromo, leaving early is expected to not miss enjoying the sunrise and also find a suitable place to not be occupied by other tourists earlier.

Whispering Sands Bromo / Pasir Berbisik

Whispering sands is also one of the tourist destinations of Mount Bromo, scaly sand taken from its place in the form of a vast and beautiful expanse of sand, this place has become popular because it was once the location of whispering sand films starring Sastro Wardoyo. In the midst of this vast sand there is a place of love for the Tengger Tribe people.

Teletubbies Hill

Bukit Teletubbies  is also one of the tourist destinations of Mount Bromo, a stretch of beautiful green fields growing grass resembling teletubies hills surrounded by hills making this place visited by tourists especially for taking pictures.

The expanse of Mount Bromo teletubies savannah as if a clean, cool green carpet placed between the hills makes the eyes amazed at its beauty.

3 places that are a small part of the natural beauty of Mount Bromo that you can visit.

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