Travelers’ Reviews vs. Travel Agencies

Why Are Travel Agencies still important?

Sure, we love being in charge of the planning process for our trips. If we are being honest, we’ve probably had a few encounters when things go all south. We just didn’t see them coming. This I think was why hospitality investors came to the aid of humanity with travel agencies. Where you can book and have your traveling plan ready in an hour or two. Who wouldn’t love to be spared the hassle of having to worry about the details of a trip?

However, travel agencies have gotten bad complaints on social media over the past few years. They’ve had alleged issues of fraudulent activities, failed promises, and clients not getting the quality of services they subscribed for. These few travel talk tours would give you a lot of insight about the two contrasting travel options.

They have also been cases of an agent not fully disclosing extra charges fees to the client. Why would an agent offer a hotel service option without a warm bath? The essence of the trip was to take advantage of the luxury I wouldn’t enjoy daily, isn’t it? All these and more have made travel agencies lost the trust we once had its services.

Nowadays, the only reason why individuals patronize any travel agency is to take advantage of its access to a wide variety of premium deals that cannot be easily found on the internet. These individuals further contact and consult the customer service representatives of the available service options for the trip.

Nonetheless, with the aid of the internet and the creation of several international travel reviews platforms, you can avoid getting stuck on a trip with a travel agent incompetency. Travel reviews have been the saving option for many travelers. Both local and international destinations have reviews crawling over the internet.

Benefits of Reading Travellers’ Reviews over a Travel Agency

Why travel agencies have lifted the weight of having to worry about the details of having a nice and memorable trip. They also fall short in a few areas. We’ve heard and witnessed cases of individuals put so much trust in reputable traveling agencies to plan a trip for their annual work leave. 

I feel these agencies mess things up with their clients because they are mostly not up-to-date on a recent occurrence at assigned destinations or spots. What if the only captivating dish a restaurant is popularly known for is now off the menu? How do you explain to a client that the Golf club you initially suggested is now for members only?

Instances like these can only be avoided by reading reviews of your destination online. Every review on the comment section was written by someone who recently had a first-time experience of your desired destination. Online reviews help you get a foresight on how your trip is likely to turn out without leaving the comfort of your home or make a booking with a travel agency. 

Since 98% of these trips are abroad, they are also sections for international travel reviews. So you get a nonbiased comment from an international traveler’s perspective.

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