Temples, hotels in Himachal to reopen after June 8; Kinnaur reports its first COVID-19 case, Himachal Pradesh


Temples, hotels in Himachal to reopen after June 8; Kinnaur reports its first COVID-19 case

As India begins to unlock, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Jairam Thakur has announced that all temples, restaurants and hotels in the hill state will reopen after June 8. The CM said that the state tourism has been hit hard because of the continuous lockdown situations and now it is time to reopen.

However, a large population of the state depends on tourism for their livelihood, especially the hospitality sector. So the reopening of the hotels is necessary, and the Chief Minister in a news interview said that hotels, temples, and restaurants in Himachal will reopen after June 8. However there is a catch, these places will be open only for those from within the state and not for those coming from outside Himachal.

On the other hand, Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district has reported its first Coronavirus case. A couple who returned from Delhi to Kinnaur has become the first virus positive case and the news was confirmed by the chief medical officer of the district (CMO) Dr. Sonam Negi. She said that the family from Sangla had come back from Delhi on May 26 and tested positive. The husband and wife along with their 10-year-old kid are quarantined at Urni.

The country can’t be under lockdown forever and things have to reopen and restart again. In the beginning, the state had only some 50 Coronavirus positive cases, but as the migrants started returning from different parts of the country, the cases increased rapidly. From students to labourers, a number of people entered the state, which resulted in a boost in the number of positive cases.

As of now, the state has recorded 342 COVID-19 positive cases and 5 deaths, while the country has already crossed the mark of 2 lakh. A total of 5815 people have lost their lives.

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