Germany is opening up European travel this June


Germany is opening up European travel this June

Germany takes a step further to ease travel restrictions as German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Government opens up European travel. The step has been taken as coronavirus cases in the country subsides. The German Government has laid out plans regarding the same, with recommendations for each nation in the European Union (EU). The date has been fixed as June 15, 2020.

According to the Foreign Minister Heiko Mass, the decision was taken after a lot of deliberation with other European countries. Germany is slowly easing its lockdown, in phases, much like most other countries. With this new decision, Germany is moving away from its earlier stance of across-the-board travel warning.

According to the German Foreign Minister, the opening up of travel across Europe will be a gradual process, and vacationing in Europe is not going to be the same as before. With restrictions in place, and mandatory social distancing, holidays can get a lot different than they used to be.

Germany is opening up European travel this June

On Wednesday, Germany had only 342 new cases of the coronavirus, and that is a massive improvement from previous numbers. There was a time when Germany was recording more than 6000 new cases a day in the month of March. Also, the EU is looking to open up borders for summer vacation, as reported earlier here on Times Travel that the EU wants visitors to come to Europe this summer, and has said that it is a possibility.

With these restrictions being lifted, it is upto people, and communities to continue social distancing, and work towards a better future. This is going to help the tourism industry to a great degree.

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