Surprising ways restaurants around the world are maintaining social distancing


Surprising ways restaurants around the world are maintaining social distancing

The entire world is reopening its commercial activities in a phase-wise manner. Even the restaurant businesses are now turning a new leaf and restarting their regular operations by offering deals and discounts to get more customers.

A few weeks ago, a restaurant in Bangkok, the Maison Saigon based in Vietnam, came up with an innovative and cute idea by placing stuffed panda dolls on the dining tables to give company to the guests so that physical distancing rules are not compromised.

In the same way, a Paris-based café has put big teddy bears on its tables to maintain social distancing, albeit in a cute way. The pictures of the café were shared on Instagram by the diners. Similarly, a restaurant in Sydney placed cardboard cut-outs of different people’s faces on chairs that are meant to be kept empty.

In Japan, the Gibbontei animal restaurant at Izu Shaboten Zoological Park has put huge stuffed capybaras–giant rodents found in South America– on the tables. The cuddly toys take up almost half of the seats, thus, enforcing the physical distancing rule of two metres amongst diners.

In India, several restaurants have used transparent partitions to keep diners safe from the risk of Coronavirus infection even as they share a single table for having a meal.

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