Space tourism: The first space hotel of the world is all set to open in 2027, World


Space tourism: The first space hotel of the world is all set to open in 2027

Journey to space is no longer a dream. Very soon, the general public will be able to fly to space and spend holidays and book vacations there, thanks to the Orbital Assembly’s Voyager Station. The space construction firm has announced the opening of the world’s first space hotel in 2027.

The Voyager Space Station is a proposed space station which aims to be the first commercial space hotel. Construction of the space station is planned in 2026. The space station will create artificial gravity using centrifugal force and the hotel will be built in a Ferris wheel shape. It will keep spinning to simulate gravity in its pods.

The amenities and rooms at the space hotel will be more or less similar to on earth. As per the space station, the hotel will have deluxe accommodations for up to 280 guests. Not only this, there will be villas too for buying purpose as vacation homes. The hotel will also feature a gym, bar, gourmet restaurant, and an entertainment center.

It was in 2019 that the plans for making a space hotel were first revealed by Von Braun Rotating Space Station. The opening date earlier was 2025 but the dates were postponed due to the ongoing. The company cleared that the delay happened because of the coronavirus, and not any technological holdups.

So if you are interested in holidaying in space, then you can book your room by paying only $5 million for a three-and-a-half-day stay!

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