Minister says that stricter rules in Goa would hinder tourism


Minister says that stricter rules in Goa would hinder tourism

As people are now travelling within India, there are some concerns regarding the safety protocols that are not being followed completely. Goa for example has seen a surge in tourism, but people on social media are regularly pointing out to the fact that some people are not following the COVID norms during their travels.

Port Minister of Goa, Michael Lobo said that by enforcing health protocols in Goa would deter tourists from coming for vacation. He further said that Section 144 does not apply to tourists. He said in a statement, “If you make SOPs stricter and you harass tourists, which tourist will come to Goa? We have to take precautionary measures, but at the same time, you cannot stop business because Covid-19 cases are increasing.”

Minister says that stricter rules in Goa would hinder tourism

He further said that Goa cannot put stricter SOPs. He emphasized on the fact that the state is getting GST today due to tourism, and if stricter rules than this are implied, then that would make tourists think twice before travelling to Goa.

Michael Lobo had also opposed the move to make COVID negative certificates mandatory for tourists. He further said that recent curbs, and the imposition of Section 144 had nothing to do with tourism or to stop tourists.

He mentioned, “If by bringing in strong SOPs we stop these tourists from coming, youth who are currently employed will be stuck at home. Who will pay their salaries? Then, along with the Covid pandemic, the employment crisis will start.”

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