PM Modi calls for nationwide lockdown for 21 days, starting at midnight today


PM Modi calls for nationwide lockdown for 21 days, starting at midnight today

Indian PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation again today, and spoke about the deadly Coronavirus, how it is spreading fast in the country, and thanked the citizens for following the
Janta Curfew on March 22, 2020, Sunday. He stressed on social distancing, and announced nationwide lockdown from midnight, which will continue for 21 days.

The Prime Minister also urged people to take the lockdown seriously, which has been implemented in many Indian cities in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. He also asked the state governments to ensure that the laws and rules are properly implemented.

He added that as per health experts, we need to break this chain of Coronavirus, for which this 21 days lockdown is very important. He also said that if the country is not able to contain this in 21 days, the country will go back 21 years.

PM Modi calls for nationwide lockdown for 21 days, starting at midnight today

He said in his statement, “Stay at home…just stay at home.” He added that we must remember that we will invite a grave pandemic like Coronavirus if we step outside our homes and come in contact with people. He also stressed that, “You must remember that friends, neighbours you meet daily can be the potential carriers of COVID, as experts state that it takes many days to show the symptoms, and unknowingly you might get infected by the virus by meeting those people.”

He further appreciated those who have been spreading innovative messages regarding COVID-19 via social media.

He further stated that as per WHO, one person can infect hundreds within a week, and the virus spreads like wildfire. He added that it took 67 days for COVID-19 to infect 1 lakh, 11 days to infect another 1 lakh, and then just 4 days to infect another 1 lakh people.

He reasoned why China, USA, France, Italy, Iran, and Spain could not contain the virus despite having the best health services. He added that now the only way out is to understand what these countries have done to fight this virus, which is following their government’s message.

He mentioned that now the only way out is social distancing, and we should not step out of our homes. He stressed, “No matter what happens, we should not leave the boundaries of our home. India is at this stage, when our actions today will determine our future. It is time to strengthen our resolve, and remember when there is life, there is hope. As long as there is this situation of lockdown, we have to maintain patience and resolve.”

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