New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Arts to reopen soon


New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Arts to reopen soon

New York’s famous Metropolitan Museum of Arts, also known as The Met, is going to open its doors soon after remaining in lockdown since March 13. It is the largest art museum in the United States, and is known to attract a large number of visitors each year. However, the museum is not the same as it once was, in a new world of social distancing, The Met is also going to be all new.

The museum is slated to open in mid-August, or a few weeks later, which depends on the phases in which New York reopens its businesses. The Met is located in three locations, namely, The Met Cloisters, The Met Breuer, and the Met Fifth Avenue. New York City’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has laid out benchmarks for reopening, seven of them, and that is how things are going to roll out henceforth. The benchmarks include information, such as testing per capita, contact tracing capabilities, and ICU capacity.

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Arts to reopen soon

The Met is looking to make changes in their policies so as to make social distancing a priority. Operations at the Met will commence in a reduced manner, so it will remain open only for a few days in a week. Originally, the Met used to be closed only four days in a year, so the shift from that is going to be massive. Moreover, Met, which is known for some eyeball-grabbing events, will spend the rest of the year without hosting any. So no Met Gala this year, and no concerts, talks, etc., either. Interestingly, 2020 completes 150 years of the Met, and that too is now postponed until the next year.

Earlier in April, Met laid off 81 staff members, but this reopening could turn things around, and help the historic place to stand up on its feet once again.

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