Koalas are returning to Australian forests post bushfires


Koalas are returning to Australian forests post bushfires

Good news for wildlife, Koalas that were injured during the Australian bushfires are now returning to the wild. As the world watched in horror one of the worst bushfires in Australia, it was reported that about a billion animals were killed. Now, the koalas that survived have been treated and released into the wild.

Reports suggest that the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital took in about 79 koalas that were affected in the fire. The hospital did a great job to heal the animals and have released them into Lake Innes Nature Reserve, and Crowdy Bay National Park. Anwen, the koala whose picture went viral on the internet, and whose body was covered with burns was also admitted to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Koalas are returning to Australian forests post bushfires

While the Lake Innes area was severely damaged by the fires, what allowed these koalas to return was the high amounts of rainfall. Initially, the hospital thought that it would have to keep the koalas until June 2020.

These animals were severely injured with burns and dehydration. A video of a koala being given water by a cyclist had gone viral during that time, and it went to show the extent of the damage. In the hospital; these animals were treated for the burns, and were rehydrated, anaesthetised, and assessed for treatment. Most of them had burnt arms and legs.
The bushfire lasted for 79 days, raging through forests. Now, with the COVID-19 situation, the nation is again battling yet another oddity. But this too shall pass.

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