How to apply for travel pass during the lockdown in Delhi and Gurugram?


How to apply for travel pass during the lockdown in Delhi and Gurugram?

The country is in lockdown till April 14, 2020, in a bid to combat COVID-19. This also means people are restricted to their homes and are asked to stay indoors to stop the transmission of the deadly virus. While the curfew was in place, the government also took a decision to shut down the railways as well as interstate buses.

This move triggered migrant workers to return to their villages, further escalating the situation, which resulted in chaos and numerous hassles. The nationwide lockdown imposed uniform policy for all the states to follow, with measures ranging from strict and drastic.

Residents have been ordered to stay at home, with almost all the transportation services shutting down, a number of people are trying to apply for an e-pass for travel during curfew in Delhi. While all essential service providers can get an e-pass to travel in Delhi, many are not aware as to how to get it.

How to apply for travel pass during the lockdown in Delhi and Gurugram?

To make things simpler for people, the Delhi Government has launched a website ― ― which not only lets people apply for an e-pass for travel during the curfew, but also has options to seek help for food and ration.

The e-pass issued by the state government will help one to travel during the lockdown. Apart from this, the portal will also help daily wage workers to get food, ration, INR 5000 compensation, and pension amount. However, to get an e-pass, one needs to visit the said website, wherein they will have to submit certain details, such as name, address, contact number, type of service and ID proof to avail an e-pass.

Similarly, in Gurugram, one can visit the portal ― ― to avail such a pass for travelling during the lockdown. Referring to this, Gurugram DC tweeted that the passes will be provided only in case of unavoidable and important cases. One has to mention the purpose of his travel, and have an ID proof to justify why their travel is required during this lockdown.

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