Hikers could melt their shoes in the Grand Canyon! Warns National Weather Service


Hikers could melt their shoes in the Grand Canyon! Warns National Weather Service

As hikers are making their way through the beautiful Grand Canyon after three months of lockdown, there is a new problem they are facing. It is the heat in the Grand Canyon right now, which is soaring and causing a great deal of problems. To the extent that a hiker from California died due to the heat. The 49-year-old woman got dizzy and disoriented. She, then, stopped breathing.

Now the National Weather Service has even issued a warning. It has said that there is a great amount of heat below 4000 ft, and has asked visitors to be careful. Also, the heat is said to increase the deeper you go into the canyon. The extreme temperature at Grand Canyon is also causing shoes to melt, and hence they are coming apart.

Anyone going into the inner canyon for a hike should be extra careful, and those who have dogs should consider the fact that the heat could also be dangerous for their dog’s paws. It is important that hikers understand this and avoid causing an emergency situation during their visit to the Grand Canyon right now. It has been reported that the heat is caused due to the fact that air is sinking down into a lower elevation, and getting compressed and thus releasing heat.

Now, the Grand Canyon authorities are asking visitors to come in between 10 AM to 4 PM for a hike, and drink plenty of water during their hike. Also, it is important that they rest in shades during the day in order to avoid the heat.

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