Here’s why Mumbai’s Juhu beach and other seashores in India are glowing lately


Here’s why Mumbai’s Juhu beach and other seashores in India are glowing lately

The beaches across Maharashtra and Dakshina Kannada-Udupi coast have been lit these days, not by some magic trick but due to a natural phenomenon that renders the seawater appear shimmery blue at night.

Maharashtra’s Juhu Beach Devgad and Velas beaches in Ratnagiri and Dakshina Kannada-Udupi coast are reportedly under the surreal influence of the Blue Tide. It is said that the phenomenon happens when bioluminescent marine life gives a bluish lit-up appearance to the sea.

As per the researchers, this special spectacle is the result of phytoplankton (microscopic marine plants), known as dinoflagellates, producing light via chemical reactions in proteins. When sea waves disturb these microorganisms, it makes them give out the blue light.

Usually, this occurrence is visible on Indian beaches from November to January and in March. In fact, many beaches across the globe such as Indonesia, the USA, the Maldives, Vietnam and Australia have been glowing in the same manner.

Reportedly, bioluminescence was first seen in Mumbai in November 2016.
Shaunak Modi, Director, Coastal Conservation Foundation, who witnessed this phenomenon on Mumbai’s Juhu beach recently told a leading website that it is a recurring phenomenon, but cannot be captured most of the time due to light pollution on our beaches.

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