Cyprus to bear medical costs for any visitor who gets infected by COVID-19


Cyprus to bear medical costs for any visitor who gets infected by COVID-19

Countries across the globe are trying out new ways to woo travellers and boost their tourism sector. While some countries are willing to pay a part of your travel costs, others are trying to come up with more ideas. The latest in news is Cyprus that announced it will bear all the costs of travellers in case they get infected with the Coronavirus while travelling to the country.

COVID-19 has hit the tourism sector to a great extent, and its complete revival will take some time. In fact, after this pandemic is over, the entire concept of travelling might undergo a change. And now, as countries across the globe are gradually relaxing lockdown rules and are trying to resume business as usual, it needs to be seen how countries boost their tourism sectors.

As per the latest news reports, the Cypriot government will cover all food, lodging, and medicine expenses of visitors who contract the virus as well as their families. Reportedly, the patients will only be required to pay only for their flight back home and for their taxi ride to the airport.

Cyprus to bear medical costs for any visitor who gets infected by COVID-19

Reportedly, this plan has been drawn to woo visitors to the island, which has reported considerably few cases of the Coronavirus. Tourism contributed to around 15 per cent of the country’s GDP last year, which is one of the reasons why the government is trying to attract travellers as soon as possible.

Officials in the know-how stated that to implement this plan, a 100-bed hospital would be set aside for tourists tested positive for the Coronavirus, whereas there will also be ‘quarantine hotels’ for the patients’ families.

Cyprus is planning to reopen its airports from June 9 to countries that have been considered low-risk zones, such as Greece, Germany, Malta, and Israel. As of now, 19 countries have been listed and approved for tourism due to their low infection rates. Gradually, the said list will be expanded.

Travellers will have to provide certifications, stating that they were tested for the Coronavirus before flying, and will undergo a thermal temperature check upon arrival. Visitors will also have to fill out a ‘COVID-19 Traveller Declaration,’ which will give all details of their travels over the previous 14 days, confirming they have not been in contact with infected people or experienced any Coronavirus symptoms during the past 72 hours. Also, visitors must be ready for random temperature checks while in Cyprus, which will be without any cost.

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