Asian travel bubble to help a failing industry


Asian travel bubble to help a failing industry

With the world entering the month of June amidst this global pandemic, countries in Asia are opening up and easing travel restrictions. With hopes of reviving their economies, the Asian travel bubble is looking like a silver lining that can take the industry out of stormy weather.

While normal travel routine does not seem like a possibility anytime soon, at least not until a vaccine has been developed to treat the virus, the prospects of travel bubble look promising. However, reports by leading news journalists doing research on the travel bubble in Asia point to the fact that the aviation industry might not fully recover even by the end of this year. Travel bubble basically points to the limited opening of countries that have managed to control the spread of the virus to a certain extent. South Korea is one such country that has garnered a lot of praise in view of the measures they took to tackle the pandemic.

Asian travel bubble to help a failing industry

As of now, almost 90 per cent of international flights are grounded, and these travel bubbles are the only ways in which the aviation industry can hope to recover from the economic crisis. South Korea is already in talks with other countries (Vietnam, Hungary, Poland, and Kuwait) for the reopening of air-routes, hoping for a possible revival of the industry. South Korea and China have already opened a travel bubble. The bubble for business travellers between the two countries allows fast-track entry. Also, it is important that the travellers test negative for the virus both at departure and arrival.

Likewise, in Europe, a travel bubble amongst countries such as Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania has opened up on May 15. More bubbles are likely to be created in the coming time, such as Australia-New Zealand that should be up by September.

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