COVID-19: Tamil Nadu to start using drones to sanitize the state


COVID-19: Tamil Nadu to start using drones to sanitize the state

Currently, not just India but every country is dealing with the deadly Coronavirus, which has claimed lives of more than a lakh across the globe. India recorded the highest single-day spike in fresh cases of Novel Coronavirus with the number crossing 1300.

Most of the countries are under a lockdown or are taking extreme measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. Moreover, the battle has been tough for India, especially for those who have been trying all their best to keep it under control, such as policemen, doctors, nurses, and the sanitation workers. Further, sanitizing every corner of the state is more likely not feasible, and will be challenging for those authorized for doing so.

In such a situation, the Garuda Aerospace and student engineers from Agni College of Technology in Chennai have joined hands with the Tamil Nadu Government, to introduce a new technology to sanitise the state, i.e., via drones.

This new technology will also help reduce the risk of workers getting exposed to the virus. As per the plan, drones will be used spray disinfectant, which the Tamil Nadu Government has also approved on March 23. As per the latest reports, the first drone was used to disinfect the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital in Chennai.

Referring to the use of drones, Garuda Aerospace stated that their drones have been designed to be able to fly with heavy loads and can cover 20 km area in a day.

Reportedly, this sanitization campaign will include 300 drones and 500 drone pilots to sanitize the roads, metros, and hospitals across the state.

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