Can space hotels be a reality by 2027?


Can space hotels be a reality by 2027?

Things are looking quite wild and happening as far as space travel is concerned today. A lot of innovations are being done in that regard, so here is a latest one for you. If everything goes according to plan, then you might get a chance to book yourself a room in a space hotel by 2027. The construction of what is being called Voyager Station, is going to begin in 2026.

A dreamy place for sure, the space hotel is going to be expensive to book. A three-day stay is going to cost you around $5 million. But for those with the means can safely say that they are in for a wild ride with this one. It is after all, the first space hotel humans will have ever built.

Can space hotels be a reality by 2027?

The hotel is being built by Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), a company that is into space construction. The company says that the all-new space hotel will have a bar, a restaurant, and even a gym. Moreover, it will be able to accommodate 280 guests.

You might think that there is a high-possibility of floating around in your hotel room, but that is not to happen. The Voyager Station is going to have artificial gravity that is going to ensure that you stay on your feet.

Are you game? Because it is currently taking reservations! This is one of the most legendary travel experiences that will outshine any other you may possibly have had.

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