A tribute to Irrfan Khan: Maharashtra village names a locality after the legendary Bollywood actor, Maharashtra


A tribute to Irrfan Khan: Maharashtra village names a locality after the legendary Bollywood actor

The legendary Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan left the world on April 29, at an age of 53. His death not only came as a shock to the entire country but the whole world was taken aback by his untimely demise. The pain of his death was felt by all and for most of us, it was more like a personal loss. And since then, people have been paying their tributes to his soul in their own way. Recently, a village in Maharashtra’s Igatpuri decided to name a locality after him.

Irrfan Khan, who is often described as one of the most humble and down to earth persons, was associated with the village of Igatpuri and the residents quite closely. In fact, on several occasions, he had even helped them in countless ways. In the past, he had helped many underprivileged families financially.

The reports suggest that once Irrfan had bought a plot in the Igatpuri village. After that, he started talking and interacting with the nearby villagers and came to know about the poor living conditions of the place. He realised that people of the village are deprived and need his help. He then decided to help with the development of the village.

On countless occasions, the actor had donated books, clothes, raincoats, and various other essential items to the kids of tribal people living in the region. Not only this, he also used to celebrate their festivals and would shower them with sweets and gifts.

Since his death, the whole village has been mourning. Now, the villagers have decided to dedicate the locality in which Irrfan’s house is located as Hero-chi-wadi, which means the locality of a hero.

Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour (cancer) two years back (in 2018) and was being treated for the same. On the fateful night of April 28, he was hospitalized due to colon infection. The legend breathed his last on April 29 and left the world for a better place. Though he passed away quite early, it’s evident that his legend would live forever.

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