You may get fined at airport in case of COVID rule violations


You may get fined at airport in case of COVID rule violations

India has not yet gone in the direction of another lockdown, but that does not mean that the government is taking the currently COVID-19 scenario any lightly. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has now directed all airports to take punitive measures, such as spot fines for all those passengers who do not comply to COVID norms.

Travellers who violate COVID norms at airports will have to face police action as authorities are now increasing COVID-19 surveillance in India. Union Aviation Minister H S Puri warned on Tuesday about the same.

Bengaluru airport has already taken the decision to take action against those travellers who refuse to wear masks inside the terminal building. Such passengers will either be evicted from the terminal, or not permitted to board their scheduled flights. A spokesperson for the airport also said that those who are outside the terminal building, like people who come to drop or receive, will be fined INR 250 incase of violation of rules.

You may get fined at airport in case of COVID rule violations

The DGCA carried surprise checks at airports recently, and found violations. According to the DGCA, compliance was not satisfactory. Now the DGCA wants everyone to follow all the norms of COVID-19, such as wearing masks properly, and maintaining social distancing.

According to a spokesperson of the Mumbai Airport, “In light of the latest DGCA order, (it) will strategise with all relevant stakeholders and adopt any relevant measures to safeguard the health and safety of passengers and personnel at the airport.”

Both Delhi and Hyderabad airports have said that according to their experience, violators generally comply with the protocol when they are reminded of the same.

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