You can now visit Titanic underwater site for $125000, World


You can now visit Titanic underwater site for $125000

Good news for those intrigued by the Titanic! They can now visit the underwater world of Titanic’s shipwreck by paying only USD 125000. An American firm, which is into manned exploration of the underwater world, made the announcement about their project,
The Titanic Survey Expedition 2021. In this project, they’ll be taking people to the one of the world’s most historic and popular sites, Titanic’s shipwreck.

In the project, the participants or the
Citizen Scientists will be trained as
Mission Specialists for a rare undersea research mission and expedition of the Titanic. A news agency quoted Stockton Rush, President of OceanGate Expeditions, “The Titanic Survey Expedition is the culmination of a vision to give more people a window into our deep oceans and access to the historic Titanic site.”

He further said that the support of Mission Specialists is quite important in this mission, a multi-year exploration, research and digital preservation effort. He informed that mission specialists will get the unique opportunity to be helpful in expeditionary roles alongside oceanographic scientists, archaeological researchers, and Titanic oceanography veterans in this underwater rare exploration.

“This team will document this historic site for generations to come,” he added further.

The entire mission will be documented using laser scans, 4k videos and high-resolution images in order to make a photorealistic virtual 3-D model of the Titanic shipwreck. As per OceanGate, mission specialists will be expected to join in expertise and play a crucial role in transporting the citizen scientists and explorers to the underwater site.

The journey will take explorers 12467 ft below the surface of the ocean! There are six such missions planned, and the first schedule will be inaugurated by late-May through mid-July. According to the firm, each mission will last 10 days.

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