World’s deepest swimming pool just opened in Poland; features hotel rooms and caves, Poland


World’s deepest swimming pool just opened in Poland; features hotel rooms and caves

Poland is now home to the world’s deepest pool that features hotel rooms, underwater tunnels and caves. This record-breaking pool is also the perfect training spot for professional as well as beginner-level scuba divers. The deepest point of the pool is known as the
Deepspot, and is 148 feet deep and can hold 27 times the amount of water of an average pool! It also functions as a perfect training center for divers as it offers educational courses.

The divers here have a lot to explore, including overhangs, a shipwreck, Mayan ruins and underwater caves. There’s also a lot for non-divers, and they can watch the underwater world from an underwater tunnel, as the
Deepspot features hotel rooms offering amazing views of the pool’s interior.

Polish diving instructor Przemyslaw Kacprzak said, “There are no magnificent fish or coral reefs here, so it’s no substitute for the sea, but it is definitely a good place to learn and to train in order to dive safely in open water. And then it’s a lot of fun, it’s kindergarten for divers!”

About the world’s deepest pool

The multi-million dollar pool facility in Poland has opened in Mszczonow, a beautiful town in Warsaw, Poland. It was built by using an estimated 1100 tons of steel and is now open to the public. With this,
Deepspot has also dethroned Italy’s
Y-40 Deep Joy, the former deepest pool in the world.

Deepspot is basically intended as a practice site for divers of all levels, and has cost an estimated $10.6 million! It took more than two years to complete this project.

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