What Business Travelers Should Know About a Multiple Entry China Travel Visa


For the business traveler that needs a visa to China frequently and on a regular basis, applying for a single entry China travel visa means unnecessary expense and stress. Thanks to the multiple entry option, business travelers are finding the entire process of obtaining a visa to China far easier. Now, a single application process with a slightly higher fee gives access to the country for 180 days after the date of issue.

What Is A Multiple Entry China Travel Visa

This option is only available to business and corporate individuals who have held a visa to China prior to the multiple entry application. With it, visitors can enter the country multiple times prior to the 180-day deadline and can stay for a maximum of 30 days at a time. This will cover return trips and visits outside of the mainland including Guangdong.

They are provided only to those who are visiting, lecturing, cultural exchanges, investigations, and business activities. Those entering the country for scientific or technological reasons can also apply for this type as well as those taking advanced studies and intern practice for a maximum of six months.

Forms And Paperwork Needed For A Visit To China

A formal invitation is the first thing required for a multiple entry visa. The Chinese business you are working with will contact their governments and have a formal invitation issued by the Foreign Ministry of Affairs. However, like single-entry visas, the consulate has the final say on what they will accept. You will need to send a passport that has six months left before it expires that contains a minimum of one blank page.

Those who were not born in the US will need to provide all of the original documentation such as a Green Card or Work Visa in order to apply. Chinese born applicants must supply their Chinese passport. Once the paperwork is gathered, travelers can then fill out their application form and take it along with all of the supporting document to the consulate or have a special visa service submit everything for you.

Things To Consider

A multiple entry visa to China costs more than a single entry China travel visa. It seems like a lot at the time, but when you consider how many times you will need to pay for a single version, there is a huge savings of both time and money. Multiple entrance papers will allow you to enter the country in either 12 or 24 months.

A multiple, double, and single visa are all three very different things. You can only get into the country once with a single visa and twice with a double entry. With a multiple application, you can return to China several times since it is offered in 12 or 24 months.

Business travelers who are working in close partnership with their Chinese counterparts will find the multiple entry China travel visa a welcomed relief. For a slightly higher fee and little more paperwork, visitors can get a visa to China that will give them the freedom to satisfy all of their business and travel needs.

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