Watch: Russian ballet dancers show off exceptional skills from their homes


Watch: Russian ballet dancers show off exceptional skills from their homes

In these days of quarantine, don’t you wish that you could simply visit your favourite destination and experience what you always wanted to? If watching Russian ballet dancers was on your bucket list, and you never could, here is some good news. The quarantine days need not be dull any longer, as Russian ballet dancers on lockdown are now performing at their respective homes and uploading the videos online. But it is not your regular ballet, for it comes with a hilarious little twist.

Russia’s Mikhailovsky Theatre has been posting dance routines of its performers online, where the exceptionally talented dancers can be seen performing in their kitchens with props such as spoons. Some are even pulling off an arabesque ballet position with a broom, and there’s a lot more involved. Who would have known that stirring a pot can be done so gracefully?

The Mikhailovsky Theatre posted the three-minute video on the theatre group’s social media pages, and the dance is set to the music of Ludwig Minkus.

One of the oldest opera and ballet houses of Russia, the Mikhailovsky Theatre was founded in 1833, and is certainly one of the most prestigious. These trained ballet dancers have put up spectacular performances for audiences from around the world. Now, with this new video, they have given an opportunity for the world to see their spectacular talent.

As percords, Russia currently has 11917 affected patients from the COVID-19, with a total of 94 deaths.

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