Vintage Shasta Compact Travel Trailer


Travel has indeed become a big part of life for scattered families and with vastly increased national and international mobility we are spread everywhere. Auto re-upholstery. The one real functionality problem we found with the van is that the previous owner had replaced the fridge and didn’t realize that the newer fridge had a curved front that prevented the fold-down couch from folding down fully. We’d either needed to find a new fridge that didn’t have the same problem or modify the couch. Since I wanted to update the fabric anyway and was able to find an auto upholsterer who felt he could solve the design flaw, we got two wins in one. I felt the new fabric would go a long way towards playing down the light blue overload and would provide a major style boost. It will be expensive though so again I will choose something stylistically tame.

I’m also hoping to dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia sometime soon. Thanks for all these great quotes. What to Do: Go surfing! Also, anything nature-related. This is the nature-lover’s destination and isn’t overrun with hotels, bars, and shops like some other destinations. Game fishing is also big.

First it is important you contact your doctor or healthcare provider to see if you are safe to travel with your back condition. Trim would help in this area where some wood could use replacing. You can also see the outlet for the old water tank we’ve never used. Vintage water. Yech.

The next best destinations, which average four inches of rain apiece, are Curaçao and Jamaica. Add an international travel plan to your account, unless you have TravelPass. Add TravelPass to your account at any time and you’ll only be charged the daily fee for the days you use your device while traveling in a qualified country.

Mountains rose above us in all directions and the bus windows fogged up from the combination of biting cold air outside and body heat from within. The dog can be transported as a cargo booked in a Pet Air Cargo Company. This company will be the one to take care of your dog and will do the check-in for it.

More Benroy History including a 1956 Motor Trend Magazine article on page two. This is also where I found the picture of Bennett Peterson with the Benroy. You cannot visit Yellowstone without driving 40 miles farther and visiting Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons National Park because the scenery there is absolutely breathtaking. You will feel as though you are living in the middle of a postcard!Travel

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