UK now has a ‘super’ national nature reserve, find out all about it


UK now has a ‘super’ national nature reserve, find out all about it

The UK now has something extraordinary to offer, and we cannot wait for us to get healthy and well so we can finally visit. We are talking about a super National Nature Reserve, which is located in Purbeck Heaths, Dorset.

The biodiverse area is also the largest lowland heathland nature reserve in the UK, and it has now turned out to be a super nature reserve destination as well. The extraordinary nature reserve is rich in biodiversity, with woods, mires, salt marsh, dunes, and a spectacular array of plant and animal life. The way they are going about this is by combining the chunks of land to create an area of land that would be simpler to navigate. Thus creating a super nature reserve.

The initiative is being set up by seven organisations that are working with landowners. These organisations are the National Trust; Natural England; the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds; Forestry England; the Rempstone Estate; Dorset Wildlife Trust; and the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.

In a recent tweet, National Trust said, “We’re joining with seven partners to create the first ‘Super’ National Nature Reserve at Purbeck in Dorset. 11 types of priority habits will be combined to enable wildlife to move more easily across the landscape, giving them a better chance to thrive.”

One of the ways to develop this place would be to remove non-native Scots pine, while also taking care to encourage planting the nationally scarce, but gorgeous yellow centaury.

Dorset is located in southwest England with a coastline that attracts numerous tourists from across the world.

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