Travellers from these countries can now visit the European Union nations


Travellers from these countries can now visit the European Union nations

There is a new travel list from the European Union, a list of countries whose citizens can travel to Europe. The list includes countries such as Georgia, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Tunisia, Rwanda, Australia, Uruguay, New Zealand, and Canada. Both the US and Brazil have been omitted from the list as these are the two countries that have the highest numbers in the globe. The chosen countries are those that have lower levels of infection.

The European Union has been trying to salvage whatever they can for the summer vacations, and have opened up its borders in phases. It began the summer by allowing travel within the EU and then, gradually went on to open its borders for travellers outside of the EU countries. The first recommended list of countries permitted to enter Europe was issued on June 30. The list has gone through numerous changes ever since, in accordance with the changing nature of the pandemic. For example, countries such as Algeria and Serbia that once were in the list, have now been removed due to deteriorating conditions.

Travellers from these countries can now visit the European Union nations

There are some instances where an exception can be made on this travel ban, and that is for essential travels, such as people in health care, agriculture, or diplomats. Also, those who are travelling for education are also permitted to do so. All other travellers from this latest list of countries are banned for the moment. American travellers, on the other hand, can go to Ireland and the UK.

However, travellers should bear in mind that the pandemic is far from over, and travelling during such a time can indeed pose a threat. Some countries are now reporting a second wave of the virus, and that does not look very promising for safe travel. Also, check the quarantine rules for the country you are visiting before booking tickets.

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