Travel shaming: the only emerging travel trend of 2020


Travel shaming: the only emerging travel trend of 2020

Body shaming, age shaming, fat shaming, and what not. Most of us have been through one of these, shamed for one thing or the other. In fact, over the years, the types of shaming has also evolved and can be associated with anything and everything. With Corona came a new age; people are mask shamed for not wearing masks; then, there is virus shaming, when someone is shamed for contracting the virus. Last but not the least, social distance shaming, where people are looked down upon for being too close.

If that has not been enough, the latest one that has become a trend is travel shaming. Before all these crisis, travel featured in the top to-do list for many. And almost everyone had their bucket travel list ready; even if some could not make it, there were definitely long conversations regarding travel over dinner or casual chats. Discussions around travel are still on, although we are unsure about when and how the next ‘safe’ trip can happen.

Travel shaming: the only emerging travel trend of 2020

Yet, there are some, who choose to travel and share their experiences during this pandemic. While there is nothing wrong in doing so, one should be mindful of the risk involved and take precautions.

Earlier, people didn’t need to think twice to share their travel experiences, and social media provided them the required platform to do so. This scenario, however, changed once the world went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak. While, in pre-COVID days, people received praise for their travel photos and stories, the dynamics seem to have changed now. Travellers are increasingly shamed from people who feel that traveling during a pandemic means putting others at risk.

Travel shaming: the only emerging travel trend of 2020

While that is true and one needs to be very cautious, travel shaming every traveller does not make for a viable case too. We have come across stories where people have stayed apart from their families for months because of lockdown and travel restrictions, a major reason why some have jumped at the chance of travelling.

While many have agreed that this phenomenon of travel shaming has influenced them to be more responsible during travel, there are some who believe that there will always be someone out there, ready to shame someone else, for one reason or the other.

Our word, these are tough times, so keep the positivity going. Be conscientious, stay safe and keep others safe, do not judge, empathise.

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