Travel insurance saves lives, saves money


Often, when traveling, health problems suddenly appear, the anxiety in a foreign environment increases several times, people do not know where to turn, whom to trust. “Nairi Insurance” offers travel insurance service, in case of any problem anywhere in the world, the customer calls “Nairi Insurance” support company, where they direct what and how to do. A doctor’s visit is organized.

Bodily injury, drowning, sudden toothache, burn, food poisoning. According to statistics, these are the most common problems encountered during travel. However, if you do not have to get insurance for a visa to enter the country, people prefer to ignore the possible risks to “save” money. Experience, on the other hand, shows that if there is no insurance, people will have to spend huge sums of money abroad in case of possible problems.

Liana Hakhverdyan, head of the Call Center at Nairi Insurance Company, says that with the constant study of the field, the experience of feedback with customers, new packages are regularly developed in time.

Nairi Insurance was the first to introduce the Anti Covid Travel program. The company covers the costs of receiving emergency medical care in case of a sudden outbreak of the disease abroad. Another company package, TRAVEL DAILY, offers a two-in-one service: coronavirus insurance և travel insurance. TRAVEL DAILY reimburses emergency medical expenses, including COVID-19 hospital treatment;

  • costs of medical transport services,
  • repatriation costs, including death from COVID-19;
  • Expenses incurred in informing the insurance company or insurer about the accident.

The company has taken care of one of the most popular tourist destinations – Georgia. Travel insurance is not required to enter Georgia, but many people know that the services of both state and private medical centers are paid in that country, you have to pay for ambulance. “Nairi Insurance” offers to pay 1500 AMD for 7-day travel insurance. The program takes care of:

  • bodily injuries
  • sudden acute poisoning
  • Drowning
  • suffocation
  • Elimination of the cause in case of acute toothache
  • the costs of medical services incurred during the accident

“Nairi Insurance” offers TRAVEL BOX service for frequent travelers. Taking care of insurance before each trip ֆինանսական requires financial resources և time, TRAVEL BOX offers the customer to pay once, to travel in the desired direction, at a convenient time.

The program takes care of:

  • urgent (emergency) medical service costs,
  • costs of medical transport services,
  • repatriation costs,
  • Expenses incurred in notifying the insurance company or insurer of the accident.

It is not uncommon for people to have to cancel or delay a long-awaited trip due to unexpected questions. If the reasons for cancellation, delay or interruption are valid, the “Travel Interruption Insurance” package reimburses the costs incurred due to the cancellation, change of term, interruption of the trip.

The head of the call center Liana Hakhverdyan also reminds the procedure of termination of the contract, when the client is not issued an entry visa of the given country, that is, there is no need to use the insurance anymore, the company returns 60% of the insurance premium.

The head of the company’s calls considers it a success that in some countries where travel insurance is not mandatory, however, people consciously use the services they offer, taking care of the needs of full guidance in advance. Liana Hakhverdyan remembers one of the last cases when a client injured her leg in Egypt, the service of “Nairi Insurance” support company provided outpatient medical care, including instrumental examinations and necessary medicine, as a result, the person did not have to cover unforeseen expenses.

“Nairi Insurance” has not forgotten to take care of the safety of tourists visiting Armenia. The “RA Visitor Assistance Program” envisages reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of an accident with the insured person during his / her visit to the NKR or the deterioration of his / her health condition. The program takes care of:

  • emergency medical care costs
  • the costs of medical transport services incurred during the insurance accident,
  • repatriation costs,
  • Expenses incurred in notifying the insurance company or insurer of the accident.

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