Tokyo to pay nightclubs to shut down temporarily to stop the spread of COVID-19, Japan


Tokyo to pay nightclubs to shut down temporarily to stop the spread of COVID-19

Tokyo has decided to pay nightclubs that will agree to close down temporarily given a sudden jump in the Coronavirus cases there. Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, reported 243 new cases on Friday, which left the government worried.

The measure comes after most of the virus cases were recorded among young people in their 20s and 30s, with nightclubs being accused of a spike in the virus cases. According to local news reports, around 3000 people in Tokyo’s prime nightlife regions were tested. In Kagoshima prefecture, 80 infections that were reported can be traced to one of the cabaret clubs.

Therefore, the officials in Tokyo have come up with the solution that will not only put a cap on the virus spread but will also save the nightclubs from running into losses. The city has decided to pay a sum of 500000 yen (nearly INR 351006) to any nightlife place that agrees to shut for 10 days.

Not only this, the city will also pay workers who become hosts or hostesses, their job being talking to COVID-19 positive patients. These workers will get 100,000 yen (nearly INR 70000) to work from home.

The preventive measure is surely effective and is encouraging nightlife businesses to shut temporarily. Apparently, Shinzo Abe, Japanese Prime Minister, was first to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo along with six other prefectures in early April.

He also asked the residents to stay at home as much as possible. Later, the Olympic Games that were supposed to be held in Tokyo, were also postponed. However, in the middle of the month of May, all restrictions were lifted in the city and then the country by month end.

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