This Swedish Film Festival is offering seven days stay to one movie buff on a remote island, Sweden


This Swedish Film Festival is offering seven days stay to one movie buff on a remote island

Sweden’s famous Göteborg Film Festival is giving people a unique experience by offering a weeklong stay on a remote island and just watching movies. The film fest under its Isolated Cinema experience will offer this experience to one lucky movie buff. The virtual film festival will choose one cinema fanatic and transport them to the beautiful Swedish island of Pater Noster.

After reaching the isolated island, the winner will be provided with supplies for their stay in the former lighthouse keeper’s home. The supplies will include food and all the cinema from the festival.

The catch

But this whole idea has a twist! The winner won’t be allowed to bring his cellphone, laptop, nor even a book, so all he/she is supposed to do is watch movies without any distractions. But the winner will be allowed to keep a video diary wherein he/she will tell their journey. The person won’t be all alone on the island. For safety reasons, one more person will be present there but they’ll maintain distance.

The artistic director of the film festival Jonas Holmberg said, “We are interested in how the audience’s relationship to films changes under those circumstances, and wanted to explore this relationship by taking it to the extreme — isolating one person on a small rock in the sea for one week with films as the only company”.

Explaining about the island’s safety, he said the stay will be absolutely safe and the person will have a nice soft bed and delicious food. He also said that it is not about surviving.

How to apply?Those who wish to be a part of this amazing experience can start applying on the festival’s official website till January 17, 2021. The experience date is scheduled between January 30 and February 6, 2021.

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